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Name:Matthew Blake

In a studio in the city, there's a violinist who crashed his career in a lover's quarrel and put his talents to use pairing labels, orchestras and symphonies with artists and composers, instead. He's a distant but friendly seeming music consultant who made a name for himself in spite of his beginning. He has money and he's popular with the music industry. His life a surprising success. His talent at the job nearly unquestioned. That's what most people want to see. The Matthew Blake most people meet. A mass of lies built around truths that is just uninteresting enough to stay off of the media's radar.

In that same building, there's a slightly unstable sadist with anger management issues, locked away behind a carefully organized facade of control and charm, who decides the fate of young musicians when he isn't busy doing something else. With an expensive apartment and a big office to his name and a penchant for getting into relationships with the wrong sort of people. But life is manageable and it makes sense and most days he could make it look like he was happy.

Matthew Blake's life is a carefully constructed tower of lies and truths, intertwined and interlocked so tightly, there are times he almost forgets it's all a lie. But that's just life.

Everyone's got their own brand of problem.

Matthew Blake is an OC created by me.
This journal is not representative of Bradley Cooper.
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